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A safe haven for entrepreneurs and aspiring people on a mission.


The Circus Tent podcast

The official podcast of The Circus Tent founded by Gerrit Brouwer. We share stories and learnings about vulnerability in business. A circus travels a lot and gathers true experiences.

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The Circus Tent blog

The tent is focused on creating content to dive into the topics that will open your eyes and form a basis for inspiration. The tent blog is centred around three main topics:

  • Entrepreneurial well-being & key learnings about resiliency and mental health
  • The employee journey and specifically employee vulnerabilities
  • Startups & guiding young professionals
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Your house of mirrors

The Circus Tent also offers the following online training acts if you are juggling or walking on a tightrope or even supposed to jump through a ring of fire. Ideal for business founders, young ambitious people and corporate HR teams who embrace their vulnerabilities as a strength.

  • Delivering mental resilience in startup chaos
  • The art of talent centered retention in a hybrid world

If you want to sponsor our caravan, please reach out to us. After a solid talk and confirming a ‘mutual fit’ we’ll  go to the cashier. Are you a fan of our mission and willing to support us? You can already make a donation.


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